Legends & Mavericks

The people behind the bottle – both past and present.

Andre Tchelistcheff (1901 – 1994)

Andre Tchelistcheff is remembered as the man who shaped the rise of the California premium wine industry after the Repeal of Prohibition. His knowledge and leadership raised the standards of grape growing and winemaking in California to a level of excellence never before seen in our wine history.

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Gary Eberle

“Wine is about passion – a passion for life, a passion for food, a passion for people. I am in the winery seven days a week because this is what I truly believe in. I have never had another career and I am living my dream.”

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Winemaker John Munch: A Paso Robles Legend

Vintner John Munch was a maverick before arriving in Paso Robles, so it’s no wonder he was drawn to the wild west spirit of the region and decided to put roots down in the late 1970s. An intrinsic part of Paso Robles wine history, the legendary winemaker will be roasted and toasted by his peers and friends at the 4th Annual Fryers Celebrity Roast on October 28 at Terra Mia in Paso Robles.

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