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“Libbie, thank you for most welcome efforts to bring to public light the wonderful and unique history of our local wine industry. I think that your book may be the most comprehensive and succinct recounting of our county’s contribution to California wine history. Your ongoing efforts may stand with those seminal works of Sullivan and Pinney. Your book is superb and I salute you!”
Alan Boehmer

“And while I’ve felt that my knowledge of the Paso Robles wine region has been pretty extensive, this book taught me so much about what I didn’t know and really filled in the connections between the various industry icons over the history of not only Paso Robles but Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande as well.”
Perlis Picks: San Luis Obispo County Wine — A World-Class History (Book Review)
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“That San Luis Obispo has a deep history as an established wine growing area will become apparent as one reads this fascinating and objective book.”
Tom Myers, winemaker

The Wines of San Luis Obispo County – A World-Class History

In the mid-1800s, fortune seekers from around the world flocked to California, but not all of them ended up in the gold fields. Many settled in San Luis Obispo County, drawn by the Mediterranean climate perfect for planting a familiar crop: grapevines. Local viticulture originated with the Spanish Missions, but it blossomed with the influx of intrepid adventurers. Growers and winemakers like Pierre Dallidet, an immigrant who helped save the French wine industry, and Henry Ditmas and James Anderson, who were the first to plant Zinfandel grapes, established vineyards and set about crafting award-winning wine in the fertile soil of Central California. Then the California wine revolution brought dramatic change starting in the 1960s – new grape varieties, innovation, and world-class winemaking. Join the experts at the Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County as they share the unique stories of these legendary winemakers.

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