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The Wine History Project Published its First Book Celebrating Archie McLaren and the Central Coast Wine Classic

The book is available online through our website and other online retailers as well as tasting rooms and shops around the county.

Books are also available at:

Eberle Winery
Windward Vineyards
Cutruzzola Vineyards
Filipponi Ranch  
Hitching Post
Saucelito Canyon
SLO Provisions

Wine History Project to Publish Comprehensive Wine History Book about San Luis Obispo County

The Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County has been awarded a contract for writing a book covering the comprehensive wine history book about San Luis Obispo County. The book will feature agricultural history dating back to the earliest grape plantings in the Mission Era of the late 1700s through the present day.

The book will cover several eras of winemaking beginning with the Spanish Missions through the trying times of Prohibition, as well as commercial winegrowing in North and South County in the 1970s.

The Wine History Project anticipates the book to be completed and released in 2020. Director Libbie Agran and historian Heather Muran will be working to interview, research and document SLO County’s wine history.

For questions and to learn more about the Wine History Project’s new book, or to contribute information, please contact Libbie Agran at 310-903-6326 or Heather Muran at 805-458-9016.

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