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The Wine History Project

The Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County collects and presents two centuries of local viticulture history. Through research, interviews, films, exhibitions, publications and presentations, we work with local vintners and growers to bring to life the wine history of San Luis Obispo County.

Together We Can Preserve the Story of Central Coast Winemaking

From the Collection

Spigots and Taps

Spigots control the flow of liquid from a large container and have been in use since ancient Greeks and Romans installed them in their bathhouses. The Wine History Project's collection includes twelve different objects actively utilized between 1860 and 1910.

  • Legends

Gerd Klintworth (1858-1941)

Gerd and Ilsabe Klintworth, both born in Hanover Germany, immigrated to Orange, Southern California, in their late twenties, to live and work in the famous Mission grape growing Anaheim Colony. In 1883, the year Gerd went to work for the Boston Company, Pierce Disease was detected in the vineyards. In 1886 Gerd and his new bride moved to the Linne District east of Paso Robles, bought 80 acres, and successfully farmed grains, cattle, and grapes for four generations. Gerd is credited with the first to bring grain farming to the area; Gerd was the first winemaker to be licensed in the Linne District.

Wine - 18th Century History

Wine History: 1769 to 1800

The art of winemaking and the rootstock that we call the Mission Grape, belonging to the famed Vitis vinifera species of grapes, were brought to California by the Spaniards. The grape, first known as Listan Prieto, arrived in Mexico around 1540 and was planted in what is now New Mexico in the 1620s.

Wine - 19th Century History

The Wine House – Paso Robles 1887

1144 Pine Street, located on the southeast corner of Pine at 12th Street, has been many things over the years. It is currently an Italian restaurant and formerly home to Villa Creek. Further back in time, to the year 1887 to be exact, the property housed The Wine House and Billiard Hall, owned and operated by E.J. Carpeaux.

Wine - 20th Century History

University of California – Experiments with Deciduous Fruits In the Geneseo Settlement, Paso Robles

As agriculture in California developed, the California Legislature and the University of California worked to determine which dry-farmed crops would thrive in various regions throughout the state. Paso Robles became an important area of study in 1889 thanks to the passage of the Hatch Act of 1887 to provide funding for agricultural experiment stations.

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Let’s Celebrate National Zinfandel Day!

Zinfandel Stories: Central Coast from Zinfandel Advocates & Producers on Vimeo. California’s Central Coast, known for its rugged beauty, is also home to several world-class wine regions. For Zinfandel, no other AVA compares to that of Paso Robles. Planted by Italian immigrants in the 1920s, Zinfandel has had plenty of time to take root. National Zinfandel Day is a worldwide celebration of the Zinfandel grape variety, intended to give Zinfandel lovers around the globe a platform to express their passion for the grape and the wines made from it.