The Wine History Project


We collect and present two centuries of local viticulture history through research, interviews, exhibitions, films, and publications and work with local vintners and growers to bring to life the wine history of San Luis Obispo County.

Explore the stories of the men and women who made viticultural history in our county in People. Learn about the historical tools and equipment used in cultivating grapevines and making wine in Objects. Delve deep into the chronology of wine history in the county in Wine.

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Award-Winning Films

Tune in for award-winning films covering winemakers, vineyards, and local history here in San Luis Obispo County and beyond! Through interviews with growers and winemakers who have shaped our local wine history, we build upon the story of wine in our county while collecting and archiving historical videography and recordings to preserve their history. We are excited to release these documentary films to the public. All films are available on the Wine History Project’s Vimeo Channel.

Legends & Mavericks

San Luis Obispo County is home to incredible movers and shakers in the wine industry, who have had a significant impact on the region's growth and development over the years. These legends are a mix of women and men who have made their mark as growers, winemakers, and industry leaders, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the Central Coast community. Through their dedication and hard work, these legends have transformed the wine industry, revolutionizing how we approach winemaking and the wine-tasting experience. Their contributions have helped put San Luis Obispo County on the map as a premier wine destination, attracting wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Collection

The Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County is dedicated to collecting and preserving historic artifacts that tell the story of the region's rich wine-making history. The collection is a testament to the people, families, and businesses that have grown grapes and made wine in the area, spanning several generations. Each item offers a unique glimpse into the past, revealing the challenges, triumphs, and innovations that have shaped the wine industry in San Luis Obispo County. 

Explore Exhibits

Our exhibits are displayed in local museums, galleries, archives, and wineries throughout the county, offering a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore the region's rich winemaking history. Each exhibit is carefully curated to highlight specific themes, wineries, winemakers, and periods in the county's winemaking past, showcasing the contributions of the people, families, and businesses that have made the industry what it is today. 

The Timeline

Dive into our extensive collection of timelines that chart the evolution of winemaking from ancient times to the present day. These timelines are an excellent resource for anyone interested in exploring the rich history of wine. They provide a comprehensive overview of the significant events, individuals, and innovations that have transformed the industry over time.