Documentary Films by the Wine History Project

The Wine History Project documents and preserves the unique wine and food history of San Luis Obispo County. Through interviews with growers and winemakers who have shaped the wine history of San Luis Obispo County we build upon the story of wine in our county while collecting and archiving historical videography and recordings to preserve their history. We are excited to release these documentary films to the public. All films are available on the Wine History Project’s Vimeo Channel.

John Munch, Accidental Winemaker in Paso Robles

A conversation with John, world traveler, student of seventh-century English Poetry, renovator of Victorian Houses, musician, free-spirit, and founder of two wine labels – Adelaida and Le Cuvier – with friends Neil Collins and Tom Myers.

Tom Myers – Made In Paso

Tom Myers is recognized as the expert on the science of making wine in San Luis Obispo County. As of 2019, he is also recognized as the man who has filled over 190 million bottles with San Luis Obispo County wine following his 42 harvests. Winemakers describe Tom as a problem solver, mild mannered and all talent without the ego. Perhaps the best description of his talents, according to his colleagues and local winemakers: “Tom Myers is the awesome winemakers’ winemaker.” Tom talks about his start in the wine industry and his scientific approach to crafting world class wines.

Amphora Project: The Master Potter

Watch master potter Scott Semple build a large clay amphora for the Wine History Project. Learn more about the project:

The Last Harvest

In October of 2021 Giornata had their “last harvest” at Luna Matta. This is a tribute to the unique varieties once grown in this historic vineyard.

The Influencers – Icons and Ingenuity

A discussion with Winemaker Bob Lindquist.

Roundtable on Central Coast Wine

A discussion with Archie McLaren, Jim Clendenon, and Brian Talley.

91 Harvests

The story of the Dusi Vineyard began in the early 1920s, when Sylvester and Caterina Dusi emigrated from Northern Italy and settled in Paso Robles. The Dusi Vineyard introduced some of the first Zinfandels to California’s Central Coast, and eventually bought an additional property on the west side of Highway 101. Three generations after Janell Dusi’s great-grandparents first planted the land with Zinfandel, she is continuing the legacy and this charming documentary tells their story. 40 minute runtime.

The Legacy of Gary Eberle

Six short videos on the legacy of Gary Eberle, Eberle Winery, and Paso Robles wine country.

Watch the video series.