Wine History Project Events

We work with local museums, galleries, archives, and wineries to organize events throughout the county.

Please check the calendar for other wine and agriculture events in the county.

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Upcoming Events

Cafe Roma, San Luis Obispo
Sep 09

Now That’s Italian!

September 9 |5:30 pm to 7:00 pm PDT

Past Events

Bread, It’s Been Around for Ages

As we learned in the Wine History Project’s Food History event in February, bread in a variety of forms has been a main food staple since the beginning of civilization. “Breaking bread” is a phrase we all can relate to. Whether it is a religious ritual, a family meal, or symbolic gesture, bread has been a part of civilized life for at least 8000 years.

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Grassy Bar Oyster Company

George Trevelyan has been working with shellfish for more than 20 years. He founded his company, Grassy Bar Oyster Company, in 2009 and soon will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The company name describes the intertidal-mudflat sites of oyster beds in the back bay just off Morro Bay. Historically the oyster beds were fringed with eelgrass, but that is now disappearing. George shared with us the long history of growing oysters in Morro Bay and his personal experiences.

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Harvesting Seaweed

February 2018: Phil Tillman gave two talks – one on the Chinese families who settled along the Estero Bluffs on up into Cambria where they harvested and dried a specific light green seaweed and another on the environmental destruction caused by Navy Bean in Arroyo Grande.

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