The First Vineyard Owner – 2350 B.C.

Remember Sunday School and all the Bible Stories we listened to? No?

Well, surely you remember Noah, the ship builder and sailor, who loaded his wife and the animals two by two onto his ark to save them from the giant flood. The Book of Genesis in the Bible tells the story that as soon as the great flood waters receded around 2350 B.C. Noah, his family and the animals, two by two, disembarked. Noah found a plot of land nearby and began to plant a vineyard. It may not have been the very first vineyard to be planted on earth, but it was the first documented ownership of a vineyard.

But here is the amazing part of this legend; the area where the legend states that Noah planted his vineyard, near where his ark came to rest, is known as Mount Ararat, located in the Caucasus Mountains on what is now the Turkish Armenian border. Archaeological evidence confirms that this is the very region near Georgia where the first wineries were established in small villages.

Archaeologists are finding large clay jars known as Kvevris which were used for fermentation and storage of the wine as it aged. This area is one of the places were groups of men and women began to cultivate wild vines and grow grapes – perhaps as early as 6,000 B.C.

By Libbie Agran


The History of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond by Oz Clark.

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Please note, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.