Have you ever hiked through the dark dense oak forests on the rolling hills in Templeton or the Adelaida and suddenly emerged to find yourself staring into a vineyard bathed in bright sunlight? I have been unraveling this mystery for five years. The Wine History Project presents our latest exhibit How the Italians Changed the Landscape and Wine Culture of San Luis Obispo County: 1900 to the Present.

In addition to the exhibit panels I am sharing with you,  Grace Pucci discussed the rise of the Charcoal Industry, Janell Dusi of J Dusi Wines told the story of five generations of Dusis in the vineyards and Frank Nerelli, third-generation winemaker, founder of Zin Alley, shared family stories from his grandparents – Frank Pesenti, founder of Pesenti Winery (1934) and Lorenzo Nerelli, founder of Templeton Winery (circa 1917). Please enjoy the exhibit on the website. 

Watch for additional exhibits and celebrations through July 31, 2023. There will be documentary films, an Italian food festival, wine tastings and additional exhibits introducing the Italian women who worked in the vineyards and wineries, managed harvest crews, cooked meals for 50 workers each day and cared for their families. We will share in their recipes and wines with you. 

Wine History Panel Exhibit 2
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Wine History Panel Exhibit
nerelli family panel