Author: Cindy Lambert

History In Person – Using Digital, Exhibit, Research, and Video Methodologies

A collection is a group of things and often that group is created by someone. As an example, many children have a collection of comic books. They have gathered or collected these comic books and with every year as they get older the collection gets larger, and later may be forgotten. The same is true of many collections. Today, the most popular collectibles are coins, stamps, baseball pins, vinyl records, toys, trading cards, and wine.

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“Punching the Cap”

The winemaking process starts by placing the harvest of fruit in a vessel of the winemaker’s choice. Yeast cells on the skins of the grapes are added by the winemaker to metabolize the grape’s sugar producing ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. In the fermentation process, the grape’s natural color, aroma, and flavor are changed.

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Wine Becomes Art

On display at the Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County office at 3592 Broad Street, Suite 104 in San Luis Obispo is an exhibit that features a variety of sizes of wine bottles, demi-jons, bungs, books, artwork, and a very small barrel exclaiming that wine and art are interwoven throughout culture.

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A Brief Explanation Of The Preservation Movement Both In The United States And California

Beginning in 1953, the idea of an Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) happened with the establishment of the History Section of the Division of Beaches and Parks. The Office of Historic Preservation was officially established eventually in 1975 within the offices of the Director of California State Parks and was the outgrowth of the passage of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 which called for the creation of a state agency to implement provisions of the law.

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