Author: Cindy Lambert

The AVA Project

Recently, the Wine History Project created a project within our archival files for information about the American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs of San Luis Obispo County. We are calling it The AVA Project. Original, right? The objective is to do four things…

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Italian Swiss Colony Founded In California In 1881

The Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County has four rare “Chromos” in their Collection. I will explain. These rare art pieces on exhibit in our Broad Street offices were created from artwork by E. Zampighi at the beginning of the twentieth century. They have been properly framed by a qualified conservator trained in conservation framing techniques. I will provide a diagram later of proper techniques to achieve good preservation of historic documents or artwork.

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Snip Me a Grape…

Our ancient ancestors considered grapes, along with wine that was made from the grapes, essential for proper digestion and good health. Grapes were a prominent feature in ancient Greek and Roman mythology as shown in paintings on pottery vessels. Frescoes painted 5,000 years ago in Egyptian tombs show the harvest of vineyards and the process of winemaking. Archaeologists are providing evidence that grapes have been enjoyed by humans for pretty much the whole of human existence…

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