Dana Adobe Wall
Mission Vineyard
Wall At Dana Adobe

Dana Adobe Heritage Mission Vineyard 11/30/2022

It has been an exciting year in and around the Heritage Mission Vineyard. The stone wall surrounding the vineyard has been completed by Charles Boydston and his masonry company. We thank everyone for their donations to fund this project – over $60,000. We are also grateful to the neighboring farm for gifting the stone used on the wall. It is native to the Nipomo area; the colors running through the stones reflect the terroir and the glow of the Santa Lucia Mountains in the distance. 

There is a need for additional funding, which includes naming opportunities. The Dana Adobe is currently raising funds for the gates on each end of the vineyard. The trellis inside the vineyard has been funded and will be built by long-time volunteer, Rudy Stowell. Please contact Lexi directly at the Dana Adobe if you can help.

In April, the twenty-eight vines were planted with irrigation by Jim Efird and Rod Gross with the assistance of Jim’s grandson. We were fortunate to receive an additional group of vines propagated from the same cuttings from the Wonderful Nursery. These cuttings were originally sourced from the famous “ mother vine” at Mission San Gabriel. These vines are in pots and will be planted around the trellis and seating area when the construction is completed. Jim Efird, chairman of the Viticulture Committee, reports that drip irrigation continues on a five-day cycle. The wood is hardening off and maturing as would be expected at this time of the year. Rod Gross has been controlling the weeds; Len Hoskins and Bob Weiger have purchased a gopher machine that has protected the vines. The large family of gophers are enjoying life outside the vineyard.

We met with Nick Wilkinson, owner of Grow Nursery and Botanica, who is working on the design of future gardens to be planted around the wall. Many of the ornamental and agricultural plants that we enjoy in San Luis Obispo County were brought as cuttings or seeds by the Spanish. These plants have thrived in our Mediterranean climate. Our Central Coast economy was built on the cultivation of grains, fruits, nuts and flowers from Spain over the last 200 years.  You may enjoy learning more about the origins of horticulture in California.  

We look forward to creating beauty and education in the gardens and the Heritage Mission Vineyard. Additionally, we look forward to involving the public in future harvests and winemaking with recipes from the early 1800s. The walled Heritage Mission Vineyard will provide a location for celebrating weddings, anniversaries and birthdays as well as harvest dinners. Please donate to support this project at the website of the Dana Adobe and Cultural Center. Scroll to donations and you will find the place to Donate to the Mission Vineyard and become a member.

Our gratitude to the volunteers on the Viticulture Committee: Jim Efird, Chairman, Jim Corridan, Lexi Carreno, Len Hoskins, Bill Weiger, Rod Gross, Dan Campbell, Garret Dana, Nick Wilkinson, Tara Machin, Randy Heinzen and Libbie Agran of the Wine History Project.