The Daily Grind from the Larder Meat Company – Ground Beef Recipes and More! From the Larder Meat Company Kitchen By Chef Jensen Lorenzen with Photographs by Jennifer Olson

Have you ever wondered what fabulous chefs actually cook at home for their own families? I have often fantasized about this, but now I can report on the inside story of one of the celebrated chefs who has worked for over 20 years in San Luis Obispo County – Jensen Lorenzen. Jensen was the chef at the Cass House before he founded his own Larder Meat Co. Jensen and his wife Grace started the company to provide local meats, chicken, beef, and pork from small family farms delivered directly to your home.

Jensen quotes Anthony Bourdain, “We know, for instance, that there is a direct, inverse relationship between the frequency of family meals and social problems.” This book provides wonderful recipes to provide you with lots of good ideas for easy entertainment and family gatherings.

This cookbook broadens Jensen’s vision of cooking at home by writing recipes from meatballs to burgers, chili, frittatas, stuffed mushrooms, soups, wraps and condiments that are healthy and can be prepared and served with pleasure within 30 minutes of arriving home and stepping into your kitchen. You can order his cookbook on Amazon.