SLO Provisions offers house-roasted rotisserie meats, family-style dinners, specialty sandwiches, farm-fresh salads, and rustic-style baked goods, as well as signature drinks, coffees, wine, and beer.

Proprietors Steve Bland and Dwyne Willis in 2015 during the construction SLO Provisions.

How lucky are we to live in an area surrounded by rich agriculture and talented people that know how to get the foods from farm to table. The Food History Project event in April explored the farm-to-table movement with the people behind SLO Provisions: Proprietors Steve Bland and Dwyne Willis and Chef Sam Williams. We learned the story behind SLO Provisions and how concentrating on local ingredients makes their foods taste as good as they were meant to be.

Steve and Dwyne have been in business since 2015, but the concept had been with them all their lives. When SLO Provisions started as a take-away business in the location previously occupied by Popolo’s, they installed a new rotisserie oven and off they went. When the wine bar closed next-door, a portion of the dividing wall was removed opening up a spacious dining room. That changed everything.

SLO Provisions grew into their expanded space and offers classes in wine appreciation and tastings, community events and fund raisers, art exhibits, a regular mahjong game, office gatherings, and groups like us (thanks Steve!) SLO Provisions also offers a variety of specialty foods, books, beverages, and gifts in their retail section.

But all this delicious food didn’t happen by accident. In the summer of 2018, Chef Sam Williams joined SLO Provisions and together opened a second location on the MindBody campus. Though primarily for the employees, it is open to the public Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm. The menu leans towards the quick takeaway items but having the additional kitchen space made all the difference.

While concentrating on local foods, optimizing use of the rotisserie oven and the kitchen limitations, Chef Sam brings his own personal style and flavor to the menu. He is passionate about supporting local growers, showcasing the natural flavors of an ingredient, and believes good food brings a community together. Look for Chef Sam at Saturday’s Farmers Market where you will see him buy a week’s supply of fresh produce. At least fifty percent of the fresh produce used at SLO Provisions is bought from local producers. Farm to table, just as it should be. 

Not only are we grateful to be able to meet monthly in their dining area, but they make delicious food that exemplifies that farm fresh foods really do make a difference in creating wholesome meals.