When: September 13-17th, 2023

Where: Downtown Vacaville

Tickets: https://agandartfilmfestival.com/

Join us at the Ag & Art Film Festival in downtown Vacaville this September for a screening of our award-winning film, The Amphora Project – Past Forward! The film festival is from September 13-17th, 2023. 

Our film features local winemakers John Alban, Daniel Callan, Manu Fiorentini, Vailia From, Gerert Hart, Sherman Thacher, Brian Terrizzi, Stephanie Terrizi, and world-famous archaeologist Dr. Patrick McGovern. Karen MacNeil, wine writer and author of The Wine Bible, narrates the film.

The Amphora Project – Past Forward – Trailer

This is a trailer for the upcoming documentary hosted by Karen MacNeil, wine-educator and author of the acclaimed THE WINE BIBLE, and produced by The Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County and Partners 2 Media. The film shows how ancient winemaking techniques are being explored today by winemakers in San Luis Obispo County.