Survey of the San Miguel Arcangel Mission shows an inventory of 832 Native Americans, and numerous cattle, sheep, horses, poultry, gardens, olive trees and vineyards. There had been 2,074 baptisms and 1,091 deaths registered in the baptismal and death records at the Mission. In the early 1800s, the first vineyard is planted between Mission San Miguel Archangel and the Salinas River. A second vineyard is located northeast of the mission complex on 18 acres at Vineyard Springs, just off Vineyard Canyon. In 1815, a three-room adobe house was built in the center of the vineyard for the padres who tended the vines.


Rancho San Miguelito, a granary and chapel, were constructed at the mouth of San Luis Obispo Creek, near the present town of Avila.


Father Hidalgo, a Mexican priest, starts the insurrection to win freedom from Spain for Mexico.


The new Mexican Empire is proclaimed on May 18.


The Mission San Luis Obispo produces over one hundred barrels of wine a year. Its vineyard becomes the mission system’s second-largest, after the Mission San Gabriel’s.

Vinifera vines are imported to Long Island from England and Austrian Empire.

George Gibbs introduces the Zinfandel grape to America.


By this date, all but four Alta California missions are growing grapes and operated flourishing wineries. The San Gabriel Mission was the largest with three wine presses and eight brandy stills, producing 9,000 gallons of wine and 3,000 gallons of brandy at the height of production.


The Mexican government passes laws to secularize the twenty-one Alta Californa missions.


The secularization of Mission agricultural lands by the Mexican government leads to the abandonment of the vineyards. The laws of secularization are enforced by the Mexican government. Mission buildings, crops, cattle and sheep are plundered by local Californians, vineyards and orchards are abandoned. Anger and frustration erupts in violence.


President James Polk promises western expansion of the United States by annexing Texas in his campaign. After his election, Congress claims the territory west to the border of Mexico which was the Rio Grande River at the time.


The Treaty of Guadalupe is signed by Mexico cedes California, New Mexico and the land west of the Rocky Mountains to the United States.

Gold is discovered in California which changes the world bringing over 300,000 fortune seekers to the San Franciso Bay area and accelerating the spread of agriculture and viticulture in California.


California is admitted to Statehood. San Luis Obispo is designated as one of the original 27 counties in California.