New Book On York Mountain Winery And Epoch Estate Wines Just Released

Epoch Winery was founded in 2004 by two geologists, Liz and Bill Armstrong, who have a passion for wine. They selected one of the most historic terroirs in San Luis Obispo County to plant their first vineyard: the forty-seven-acre vineyard owned by composer and world-famous pianist Ignace Paderewski. After planting a second vineyard in the area, the Armstrong family selected an equally important site for their tasting room and winery, the property where the York Mountain Winery was founded in 1882. This historic winery is famous for Zinfandel wines, produced by three generations of the York family. The last grape grower and winemaker of the York family, Wilfrid (Bill), sold the winery in 1970 to the legendary winemaker, Max Goldman, who replanted the vineyards, and restored the tasting room and winery. After 30 years of producing award winning wines with his children, Suzanne and Stephen, Max retired and sold the winery. Unfortunately, the winery was severely damaged in the San Simeon earthquake in 2003 and ultimately entered bankruptcy.

The Armstrong family purchased the property in 2010. They spent four years restoring the historic property with great design, elegance, and thoughtfulness. To quote the author, Jenna Martinez, “Paying homage to the past, yet looking into the future, EPOCH has breathed new life into one of Paso Robles’ most historic and cherished legacies.”

Bill and Liz Armstrong are the first winery owners to employ a historian; Jenna Martinez has researched the timeline of York history from the purchase of the property in 1882 by Andrew York to the present day Epoch Winery, showcasing her work with photographs from the Epoch Winery archives.

The Author

Jenna Martinez is a 4th generation Paso Roblan and has always had an interest in local history. Her curiosity was piqued the first time she visited the Armstrong’s York Mountain property. When Liz Armstrong suggested that she do some research on the history of the old York Winery, Jenna jumped at the chance. During the course of this project, she discovered her passion which led to a History degree from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and her dream job as Epoch’s historian.

YORK MOUNTAIN WINERY Est. 1882 and EPOCH ESTATE WINES Est. 2004 by Jenna Martinez

Available for purchase at the tasting room of Epoch Estate Wines of York Mountain Road or by contacting the author, Jenna@epochwines.com.