Caterina Dusi had a beautiful wooden stove in her basement kitchen where she made this unusual popcorn snack for her grandchildren. I recommend using a wooden stove, which adds a bit of smokey flavor to the popcorn, but this recipe can be made in a modern kitchen with contemporary appliances. It is timeless!


  • Corn for Popping
  • Melted Butter
  • Cinnamon 
  • Fine Sugar

Please note that the quantities are up to your discretion. However the best ratio for mixing cinnamon and sugar is one part cinnamon to four parts sugar. Combine the spice and sugar well. Place the mixture in a shaker.


  1. Pop as much corn as you like and place it in a large bowl.


  2. Sprinkle the popped corn with a small amount of melted butter so that it is absorbed by the popcorn, leaving none on the bottom of the bowl. Shake the bowl vigorously.
  3. Sprinkle the popcorn with your cinnamon-sugar mixture and shake the bowl vigorously once again. Serve immediately.
Dante’s children (Caterina’s grandchildren)

Caterina’s son, Dante’s (and Dottie) children (Caterina’s grandchildren) 


Mike & Joni Dusi’s children, and Caterina’s great grandchildren

Caterina's children as young men

Caterina’s Children As Young Men: Sylvester, Caterina, And Their Sons – Dante, Dante’s Wife Dottie, Guido, Benito

Kids with Dante (son) and Caterina, Michael, Matt, Janell (grandkids)